Alex George Poulos Naples: Pilot’s License

Alex George Poulos is a licensed private pilot and the co-owner of a 1977 Cessna 182 Skylane RG. He has been flying aircraft of one kind or another since he was in high school, and he says that flying is one of the most beautiful experiences he can imagine.

“It’s like poetry,” he says. “Being up there, interacting with wind and machine – it’s the best thing I can imagine.”

Alex George Poulos Naples

Alex George Poulos Naples

His very first experience flying on his own was in an ultralight aircraft he assembled from a kit. He had a lot of help from his father, who was himself a licensed pilot and Air Force veteran. Later he was able to being taking pilot lessons, beginning with flying gliders.

“It takes a lot of time, money and commitment to get your private pilot’s license,” says Alex George Poulos from Naples. “I was lucky because I got a break on some of the pricing through my dad’s connections. It still cost a lot, though.”

After making sure he met all of the eligibility requirements, Alex George Poulos got his Student Pilot certificate and aviation medical certificate, which essentially certified that he was in sound physical condition to fly. Then he began training with a flight instructor and after logging enough hours, took and passed his FAA exam.

Three years ago Alex George Poulos from Naples shared the cost of a used Cessna single engine plane with his business associate Dennis Martin, and the two have had the plane ever since. Alex says that the furthest he has flown the plane was a weekend trip to Hilton Head, where he and his wife enjoyed a long weekend playing golf.


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