Alex George Poulos Naples: Soccer Coach

Alex George Poulos, a Naples, Florida native, owns and operates a successful gold and diamond wholesale business in Atlanta, Georgia, where he now makes his home. He is a devoted family man, and the proud father of two middle school aged children, and says that one of the ways he is able to spend more time with them is by being a soccer coach for their team.

Alex George Poulos Naples

Alex George Poulos Naples

“I didn’t play much soccer when I was a kid,” says Alex George Poulos from Naples. “I played enough so that I know most of the rules. But I was really wet behind the ears when it came to being a coach.”

But he learned, and with the help of some more experienced parents who were his assistant coaches, Alex George Poulos developed into an excellent coach himself. He says that he is still learning and still getting better, but has learned enough to share some thoughts on the subject.

One of his key responsibilities is to be a good role model, he says. “That’s especially true when you’re coaching a kid’s team, but it stays true as they get older,” says Alex George Poulos from Naples. He says that he emphasizes having fun over winning, and as a result he has always had good bunches of kids who like the game, are not sore losers, and have a pretty good win-loss record. “It’s a matter of showing respect for the kids on the team, and for your opponents, the referees, and others,” he says.


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